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4m old only napping on me

She was sleeping in her crib for naps 2x a day and in the past week she will only nap on me. Not the swing, rnp, crib - only me. I have a 2.5 yr old and this is making it impossible to get anything done. What to do?! CIO? Too young? Thoughts?
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Re: 4m old only napping on me

  • Could be the "4 month sleep regression" they talk about. Mine likes to do the same thing. Can you sloowwllyy move her to another spot without waking her? Try waiting 5-10 mins after she falls asleep to make sure she's in a deep sleep.
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  • Might be a phase, wait it out if you can and I'd bet she'll go back  to her usual self. Or try what pp said.

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  • My 3 month old lately doesn't want to take naps. He will fall asleep on me but once I put him down he wakes up. Not sure what to do either.
  • I left her with my MIL while spending a few hours with my older daughter today and she napped in the crib for her. Maybe it's just me lol! I've also been wearing her. But there's times I need to shower, get changed ect that wearing her just doesnt work! Hoping it's regression :/
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