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Bra fitting in Mont Co/KOP?

I just finished nursing DS and I need new bras.  I'm going to wait another month or so to let my body go back to whatever my new normal is.  I don't want to go to Victoria's Secret because, frankly, they suck.  Any good recommendations where I can get a good bra fitting and then some good bras?  My girls need WAY more support.  TIA!

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Re: Bra fitting in Mont Co/KOP?

  • I highly recommend Nordstrom. The employees are certified fitters. I love the Wacol and Natori bras (you can sometimes find them for less at the Nordstrom Rack and during the sales.) I know there is usually a sale sometime in November, but you should probably try to get fitted before the sale because you will get more one on one attention (they make commission).
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  • I've had a lot of luck at Intimacy in the KOP mall.  The actual bras are expensive, but the fitting is free and I've never felt pressured to purchase.  
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  • Not in KOP, but if depending on where you are, I highly recommend Jean's Lingerie in Pottstown.  It's a small boutique downtown.  I have NEVER had a bra fit so well than the one I got there.  A word of warning though - she does hands on fittings, so if you're shy with your body, this may not be the shop for you.  Also, don't be put off by her front window, she puts her "fun" stuff out front, but most of the store is functional underwear.
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  • I recommend jean's too- I first went there to be fitted for a bra for my wedding dress and go there now whenever I need new bras. I'll be heading there soon.
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  • I am still breastfeeding my daughter who is 1 year 1 month old...and LOVE this sports bra that I have.  It is the Coobie bra and it is one size fits all.  I bought a few when I taught yoga, then when she was born started using them because I would get uncomfortable with the tightness of the maternity bras.  You can buy them with a front clip on both sides so it makes it really easy to feed the baby.  They look great and have provided great support and coverage during all my different sizes (and trust me there have been a LOT) over the last year.  I recently bought a few more, because they are all I have been wearing, on Amazon and I think I got three for under $30.  I am all for getting a bra fitting, but I honestly couldn't find the that was what I did!  Try it and let me know what you think. 

    Also, could you help me out?  My friend, Cristina, the Strategic Mama, who I took an awesome class in Philadelphia with needs a few more people to sign up for her class on Wednesday.  Could you pass this on to any new Moms you know, or think about attending yourselves?

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