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Hello everyone,

I usually post an hang out in the Natural Birth forum, but since I live in Alexandria, VA I thought I would introduce myself here, as well. My husband and I have been TTC for a few months now, and are looking forward to hopefully welcoming our first baby soon. :-) Any other mothers to be in the area who are planning to go all natural?
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Re: Introductions

  • Hello there, 

    I live in southern MD and now will be delivering in Alexandria or Arlington. My goal is to go all natural so I am hoping that the new doctor's office I am switching to will also share my goal. What doctor are you seeing and do you like them? 
  • Wow, sorry for the delayed reply. No doctor yet--still TTC. My husband and I are considering two groups of midwives, though: Birth by Design (based in Chantilly--Midwife's name is Peggy Franklin, works with NOVA Natural Birth Center) or Birthcare (based in Alexandria, on King Street--several midwives on staff.) I have not really looked into OBs because I am fairly certain that I will go the Midwife route. BUT, that being said, you never know what will happen in pregnancy, and if I ever need to switch over to an OB I will probably need to do some research as to the most natural friendly hospitals in the area! If you find a great OB or L&D unit, let me know!!
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