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Anyone waiting until 6 months for solids?

Just wondering if there were other moms (and dads!) who are planning on waiting until their LOs are past the 6 month mark to start on solids.   

Re: Anyone waiting until 6 months for solids?

  • We will probably wait until 6 months for DS.  DD(3.5 years) started solids at 6 months with no issues.  DS is almost 5 months and doesn't show many signs of being ready.  At his 4 month appt, pedi said there's no real benefit to starting early, so no pressure if he's not ready. 
  • We're doing baby-led weaning, so we're waiting until LO shows interest any time after 6 months!
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  • We're definitely waiting. I have no desire to start sooner.

  • We're doing baby-led weaning, so we're waiting until LO shows interest any time after 6 months!





  • I waited until LO was 6 months and I wish I hadn't. He got the stomach flu at 7 months and started refusing all baby cereals after that. Then got sick again at 8 1/2 months and digressed in his eating of solids again. Then by 10 months he started getting really picky with food. I just think that if I would have done it sooner, he would have had time to get more different kinds of foods and flavors and would be a better eater. He's still pretty picky. I definitely don't think he was ready at 4 months but I wish we would've started when he turned 5 months.

    His cousin who is only 4 months younger eats everything and is not at all picky and he started eating solids at 4 1/2 months.
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  • BLW here too, so def waiting until 6+ mo.
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  • I tried rice cereal on my LO 4th month birthday at the suggestion of my doc to try to help weight gain, plus he was showing signs of being interested and there is no history of allergies in our family.
    Took 2 days to figure it out, now he just loves it and is getting same amount of breastfeeds per day, so hopefully this helps his gain. I would like to wait a while until we start other solids though.

  • We have waited till after six months with our other three kids and will agian with this baby. Our oldest is really picky and hated baby food , our second isn't picky at all and also hated baby food, our third liked the food but has eating issues ( not related to when we introduced food). We also have food allergies in our family so its important for us to wait till there gut is ready for solids.
  • I'm definitely waiting until 6 months. DD is almost 4 months and is not even close to being ready for solids.
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  • Anyone start out with purees rather than the cereal?  

    Our plan was to start LO after 6 months whenever he seems ready with some homemade sweet potato and avocado purees and go from there.  I was thinking about skipping the cereal altogether.
  • trudibell said:

    Anyone start out with purees rather than the cereal?  

    Our plan was to start LO after 6 months whenever he seems ready with some homemade sweet potato and avocado purees and go from there.  I was thinking about skipping the cereal altogether.
    Look into baby led weaning. I'm skipping cereal and purées. I'm going to start around 6 months. My LO is 5 months now, and isn't showing any signs of being ready.
  • we are leaning towards BLW at 6 months.  I read the Rapley book and am very interested in trying it out and skipping the purees.  But who knows what will happen in the next two months! (he's 4 months now).
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  • Yep--we did with DD1 as well. 
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  • I also wanted to wait till LO is 6 months but around 5 months he started to show real interest in food and started t sit up for a little bit w/o support. So, I decided to go ahead and try purees. We started with avocado at 5.5 months and LO loved it! Then I tried carrots and he wasn't as impressed but still ate it. I make home-made purees and glad I started as he has no issues with swallowing or any others. I plan to introduce cereal in a couple of weeks but mixed with veggies/fruit not alone. 
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  • We had planned on waiting until 6 months, but I think we'll try purées next month (5mths) b/c DS definitely seems ready even now at 4 months. At his 4 month appt his pedi said we should start by 6 months, but I know every dr & parents have different views. When we do start it will just be a couple bites after he nurses.

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  • We are waiting. Our pedi said there is no nutritional benefit to start with oatmeal/rice cereals. he good with BM for now!
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  • We're waiting til 6 months. DD will be 5 months next week and she seems interested in food, but is such a great nurser that we'd rather wait until she needs the nutrition from additional food. We're only planning to use cereal a couple days before introducing some homemade puree's. I want to mainly do all homemade baby food but I'm sure I'll also have some jarred baby food just because I'm working full time and feel like  I never have enough time as it is...I need to start freezing stuff now!
  • Ours showed an interest early. We didn't start real solids until just before 5 months. She had a bit of rice cereal (now converted to oatmeal) before foods. We've not had any issues and she will try to grab the spoon out of our hands if we don't feed her fast enough.

    We'd give her 2.5 oz baby food, a tbsp of oatmeal, AND 6 oz of formula in a meal! She definitely wasn't getting enough from formula alone and her weight is right around 50% percentile (constant). She also eats 3 meals a day at breakfast, lunch, and dinner time. Sometimes she needs a little "snack" of maybe 4 oz around 8pm.
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  • We will wait until 6 months like we did with DS. We have many food allergies in our family so I don't want to take any risks.

    Ditto, plus BLW.
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  • Our pedi told us to start at 5 months, I wanted to skip cereal, however she told us it was good for them to learn to swallow, move the food around etc.
    We now do rice once a day.
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  • We plan to start at 6 mos as long as she seems ready. I want to skip cereal and go straight to purées. Hoping to make my own

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  • My pedi suggested Rice Cereal at out 4 month check up. Well he doesn't care for it. After trying for a week. He just spits it out or gets fussy. So we're not pushing it until he's ready. He does however try to guide the spoon, Morelos want to hold it.
  • Our pedi took one look at him and knew he was ready! Signs are good head control, interest in putting things in mouth, and interest in food/mealtime when you're eating. My DS has been eating rice and oatmeal cereal for a week and loves it! He's nineteen weeks old.
  • We plan to start at 6 mos as long as she seems ready. I want to skip cereal and go straight to purées. Hoping to make my own
    This is my plan exactly but for whatever reason I'm getting resistance from my in-laws about it.  
  • We're definitely waiting. I have no desire to start sooner.

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  • When ds started taking interest at 4-1/2 months, I froze breast milk and started with that. When he got the concept down, we switched to fruits and veggies once a day. We don't give him any food until after he has breastfed. Now at 5-1/2 months, he eats once a day, and gets fresh fruits or veggies in his mesh teething bag once a day. At 6 months we will add another meal in. We never gave him cereal.
  • I didn't want to do cereal either. My told me it was just empty carbs minus the iron, so we give him an iron supplement instead. To get the swallowing concept down, I froze breast milk instead :) worked perfect!
  • I am also waiting until around 6 months to start solids for my DS. His pediatrician said we could start now if we wanted but certainly didn't need to. He is breast fed and getting everything he needs in that. I plan to go straight to pureeing my own food for him and skipping the rice cereal.
  • BLW here too, so def waiting until 6+ mo.
    us too
  • We waited until after 6 months and we definitely made the right decision. We skipped right over cereal, which I think is icky, and went straight to vegetables and now some fruits. By the time we started, DS was sitting unassisted, interested, no tongue thrust, wanted to help feed himself, etc. We considered BLW, but DH was nervous about choking and the pediatrician said that table foods were better once baby developed the pincer grasp, so we have just been mashing up some of what we eat at dinner and giving him that. So far he has had avocado, butternut squash, broccoli, banana, apple, spinach, mushroom, tomato, bell pepper. He likes it all. I like that I am giving him natural, whole, fresh foods, and I also try to leave some texture in them. We plan to start transitioning to table foods before too long.

    I exclusively breastfed until 6 months and then introduced solids and am still breastfeeding as much as before. He usually just gets solids once a day. I am confident that I am doing the very best for our little guy.


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  • I will be waiting til 6mo. Not sure if I'm gonna do oatmeal (rather than rice cereal) first or go straight to purees.

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