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Crib Lovey Issues

So DD sleeps great at night. Asleep by 8PM and straight through until around 7AM. That is, until she loses her "lovey". She stirs middle of night and realizes she doesn't have her little cat and many times cannot find it in the crib causing her to fuss. I can still buy the cat on Amazon. My dad suggested buying a couple more for the crib to increase her chances of having the thing with her at all times. Do you think it would confuse her if suddenly the cat multiplied? I'm sure this sounds absurd but the 2-3 middle of the night stirrings and fuss/cry to find this cat is getting ridiculous!

Re: Crib Lovey Issues

  • Our LO doesn't move around much at night so his blankie is always nearby, but yeah, if I had to get up multiple times to find a cat, I'd buy a couple more.
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  • We usually put two A&A security blankets in the crib for DS.

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  • DD only really needs a paci to sleep, I put 4 around her in hopes she'll grab one and put herself to sleep when she stirs. Sometimes it works.
  • Chappy_jr said:
    Our LO doesn't move around much at night so his blankie is always nearby, but yeah, if I had to get up multiple times to find a cat, I'd buy a couple more.
    This for me too.  And, this way if the cat gets lost, you have extras
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  • I would go for shouldn't confuse her.  I worked for a family once, they went away for a weekend and I cared for their 2year old.  She had a little puppy lovey.  One night as I put her to bed she reached in her laundry basket and pulled out an identical puppy and said "two puppies" I panicked thinking the wasn't supposed to know there were more than 1!

    When I later asked the parents they said they had 3 identical puppies and regularly rotated them to g=keep them clean and keep one from wearing out quickly.  Genius, the child knew and could care less...she still loved her puppy...which ever one she had in rotation at the time!

    I would strongly recommend the rotation thing if you have extras.  I had a doll lovey when I was little and when it wore out my mom bought a new one I rejected the new one as it wasn't worn and felt different.


  • In theory this is a good idea. We tried this with DS and he pitched a fit at the imposter lovey. I guess his had a certain smell or something and he knew the difference. He's 3 1/2 and still sleeps with it every night. We don't let it leave the house or anything but he's very attached!

  • Thanks everyone. It's a cat wubbanub that I removed the paci since she never liked it. She recently gave up sucking her thumb so I think that's why she relies more on the cat lately. I bought 2 more on Amazon to load up the crib with the triplet cats :-)
  • i would maybe "hide" 2 of the cats once she wakes up so she doesn't know that there are multiples.  she will soon realize that she wants all of them if she knows they are there.  but definitely put 3 in the crib at night to help her stay asleep and keep you from getting up!
  • DS only needs a binky and we only give him one. I have heard from other people, if you have more than 1 lovey, LO is going to get used to having that many and will need that many to sleep.  But I say whatever works for you. 
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