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Still Searching for Answers

On Friday, we had J evaluated for an auditory processing disorder.  If you read the list of symptoms, it's like reading a description on my son.  We were still planning on following through with the nueropsych eval this winter/spring to see if there is anything else going on, but I was sure that a large part of what we've been seeing is CAPD.

Except that the audiologist seems to think that his issues are more global.  She highly recommends we stay the course and get the nueopsych done, and only return for another auditory processing eval if that doesn't show anything.  She said he scored abnormally in every section of the testing, which is highly unusual for someone with a CAPD, and suggests that there is a larger issue at play.

So we still have no answers and no definite way to help him.  I've started using some of the techniques recommended for kids with CAPD and it's helping for now, but I'm so frustrated and feel like we're chasing our tails.

Re: Still Searching for Answers

  • So sorry to hear that Captain. I hope the neuropsych is able to give you guys some answers.
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