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Fussy eaters - please help

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Hi everyone! My twins just turned one. We have been giving them small pieces of food here and there since about 9 months but mainly gave them baby food. Since they turned one, I've been giving small pieces of food and I am trying to eliminate baby food. My son all of a sudden is holding all of his food in his mouth and wont swallow it. He'll hold it in for a long period if time and gets upset about it. I guess this is just a phase but my question is, should I feed more baby food since I never had an issue with them eating that? I want them to learn to eat real food but I also need to get the food into them. My doctor wants me to add in more protein and starch to their diets because they need to gain more weight. We are going for a weight check in a few weeks. I feel pressure and just want my boys to be healthy and gain weight. Any suggestions or input would be greatly appreciated.



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