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PSA: Always read your medication paperwork

I was on zoloft for a year.  I went to pain management and told my doctor I was taking zoloft.  One of the medications he prescribed me was Tramadol.

I weaned off zoloft.  And recently started it again.  My doctor knows that one of the medications I have prescribed to me is tramadol.

I filled all these prescriptions at the same pharmacy.

I got it filled and was reading the paperwork.  It clearly states to never combine the drugs because of it can lead to seizures and serotonin syndrome, which can be fatal.

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Re: PSA: Always read your medication paperwork

  • I've worked in a pharmacy for 12 years, the computers are programmed to automatically stop us from filling meds that are extreme interactions.  They are called DUR rejects, hard stop and soft stop.  A soft stop we can override at data entry, a hard stop the pharmacist has too.  I've honestly never seen a DUR for tramadol and zoloft.  
    I'd surely be making some calls to the dr and pharmacist though.  GL
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