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High Risk OB at Sky Ridge?

Hey fellow Colorado friends! I am newly pregnant and live in Parker but really want to deliver at Sky Ridge. I am inherently high risk so I'm looking for a high risk OB. I have an appt with Dr Catrina Bubier but they don't take me until 9 weeks which seems a little late to me. Any recommendations for awesome high risk docs? I'm hoping for a woman... Thanks so much! Sara

Re: High Risk OB at Sky Ridge?

  • The Obstetrix Pediatrix group has an office at SkyRidge.
    I saw Dr Stettler and thought he was great. I also saw some of their female docs at the P/SL location, but am not sure if they practice at SkyRidge or not.
    Its common practice to not see a newly pregnant woman until 8-9 weeks pregnant simply because there isn't anything you can do prior to that if there were to be any issues. Unless you are with a RE, in which case they only confirm pregnancy and/or assist with repeat loss issues. 
    Not to be morbid but just stating facts. Congrats with your pregnancy! 

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