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TMI in post, be warned. Anyone here experiencing this?

Hello all,

So I found out I was pregnant this week. Before that I had nausea, but not much (my hubby pointed it out to me, but I personally didn't notice until then). However, the last two days I have been sick to my stomach. The odd/worrying thing is that its not just nausea. Everything I eat (when I force something down) goes right through me, quickly and with force. I am unable to stop myself when I have to go, and had to leave work early on Tuesday because I was unable to stop myself from going in my underwear (graphic, I know. And completely embarrassing. Thankfully no one at work noticed, but I cried the whole way home). I am so nervous, I haven't left the house since the incident, but I am worried about taking so much time off this early in the pregnancy. I do have a doctors appointment on Friday, but I am just torn about returning to work tomorrow. I feel fine except my stomach, but I really don't want to risk a "poopy pants" reputation, especially since I work in a high school (teenagers can be cruel). 

My question is this: has anyone here experienced anything similar? Does this sound pregnancy related, or something unrelated? Anything shared will be greatly appreciated. I tried to search for this, but couldn't find any info.

Thank you all

Re: TMI in post, be warned. Anyone here experiencing this?

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    Okay, since no one responded, I will just update for anyone doing a search. 

    This is not normal, and a symptom of many things. If you have this, make a doctors appointment right away. My doctor even said that while pregnant, I should have asked the front desk to speak to him immediately.

    Most likely, I have a stomach bug, but they are also testing me for lymes disease. I may have lymes from a tick bite I had in June (or another time, since my husband and I are avid hikers. But June is when I found the tick). The pregnancy may be heightening the disease I already had.

  • I hope everything turns out well.  You're in my thoughts!
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  • I hope its just a stomach bug. 


  • badrianne

    It was. Lymes test came back negative, and missed about 3 days of work.

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