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WOW! OH MY-MY! WOW! It's a ...

G I R L ! ! !

First off sorry for the delay in posting her birth story ... and its length!

That's right! Our LO (a daughter) has finally arrived - making her grand entrance this past Sunday morning!!!

I'd been having so many, many of those BH contractions over the past FIVE weeks which have finally; culminated in her being born. By these - my now somewhat more powerful/painful - real labor pains which all started escalating around 1 PM this past Friday afternoon; so I called my doctor's office. Where the nurse advised me; labor at home as long as possible, or your water breaks, or until you can time those contractions at 5-1-1 for about half-an-hour; then go to the hospital so they can assess your progress. So I did as she had directed - staying home until my contractions were at the 5-1-1 interval and I could time them as such - then going to the hospital. It was 5:45PM Saturday. I would be checked (5cm/90%) - so they wanted me to remain; I waited in triage for about 2 hours until finally able to get a room in L&D - it was 8PM when I was being wired-hooked up to all sort of monitoring equipment. The nurse did another check; saying you're - 6cm/95% effaced. She asked if I were having an epidural! I said yes, so it was ordered! It was administered about 35/40 minutes later. I was now 7.5cm/100%. The epidural started working shortly afterward - now all those mostly strong, hurtful labor pains, contractions which I had been having were now so much-much easier to manage - weren't hurting nearly as badly.

It's now just after midnight early Sunday morning when my water breaks (on its own)! Jacob is now my doctor of record; he'd be delivering this baby instead of Kate (his wife). Troy meets him - they hit it off (right away). So we were all comfortable with the situation as it began unfolding. Jacob said he'd be back in a while and that I should be closer to delivering ...

Jacob upon returning shortly after 2:30 - checked my progress ... saying "well young lady - looks as though you're ready to deliver!" Troy said "let's go Hun! ... 'you ready?'" As Jacob takes over and I begin pushing as he directs; since I was still somewhat numb from my epidural (which worked wonderfully). After pushing about an hour - I had my little miracle ... as DH was simply ecstatic, filled with amazement, emotion as he made this announcement:

"Oh my darling; Marilyn, - I now have two special; really special girls in my life - you 'my sweet' and our daughter. That's right you've given me a beautiful little G I R L !  Thank you --- 'my sweet'"

... a little girl - 'Janice Marie' born Sunday morning the 13th at 3:36AM; weighting in at 8.014lbs. and measuring 21-3/4". Her birth was noted as - an assisted delivery at 41 weeks. She's simply perfect ... having light brownish/golden hair all her tiny parts just a miniature copy of me!     -O' MY! - WOW!

I really though Jacob would become totally unglued, crack-up as my dear sweet husband (Troy) was literally shaking with such excitement, joy, emotion - dancing! Making such a fool of himself; he was truly wrapped-up in all these proceedings. That of our little girl's birth taking place. I thought (to myself) what's he on? He's simply too much! He was so-so excited. I really don't know how else to describe, explain him or his behavior at that time! He was totally involved in this the birth of his daughter as she was coming out of me ... I never dreamed he would be this excited!!!

That's right we've had a little girl! I never worried about baby's gender - all I prayed for was a happy, healthy, and full term baby. Those prays were answered - God gave us a beautiful little girl to nurture, care for, love, cherish - from now on and a lifetime to come!

I saw Kate later that morning as she made her rounds ... 


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