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Amazon for Working Moms?

I am interviewing at the Amazon HQ but have heard concerning things about the work life balance (especially if you are a working parent). Has anyone heard anything good or bad?

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Re: Amazon for Working Moms?

  • I only know one person who has worked there, she quit after about six months because of how demanding the job was. She said she worked so many hours to meet intense deadlines and rarely saw her kids. But that's just one person, she worked on IT projects.
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  • I've heard a lot about how intense the work load is at Amazon. I've no idea what position or department you'd be interviewing for, but I worked at Concur for nearly 4 years and saw many working parents there have a great work/life balance. It was a really wonderful place to work, so just dropping that idea in the hat in case you're looking for another good tech company to work for in the area. Best of luck! :) 
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  • I currently work at Amazon and have been here for almost two and a half years.  I have found that yes, there are a lot of teams that have much more demanding works hours but if you find the right fit work-life balance is not a problem at all! The team I am currently on is fairly flexible as long as you are getting your work done and I am sure will be great for me during my nine months. :-) I am 5 weeks along now so I guess we will find out soon enough!
  • I think it depends on your manager and your team. I work there and my work/life balance is great.
  • I think it depends on your manager and your team. I work there and my work/life balance is great.
    This. It does depend on your position/team/manager.
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