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Socks and Shoes for KAFOs??

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So my 2 year old son just started wearing KAFOs today because he is bowlegged.  He wears a size 7 Toddler W shoe, but they are just barely accommodating the braces.  He probably needs at least an XW or maybe even an XXW shoe.  Also, I am trying to find some sort of sock that he can wear under the braces.  I am looking for something thigh-high that could fold over the top and is not too thick.

Re: Socks and Shoes for KAFOs??

  • My thought on the socks is to get girls tights and cut them off at the thigh.

    have you looked online for the shoes? there is a company called "hatchbacks" (i think) that makes shoes for kids with afo's. i am not sure how wide they are. you may have to special order.
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  • We bought the smart knit socks. I ordered them from cascade. I was tired of ds1's feet saying old navy and his feet were always so sweaty. These are thin and stretchy and have great wicking. They go super high, I got him a child's regular and they go up this groin. They are pricey though, $8/pair but he wears his AFO's all the time so I feel they were worth it.
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  • We use New Balance shoes and take out the inside padding.  Sometimes we can use regular and sometimes we use XW.  I just bought DS2 a new pair today actually because he got knew AFOs yesterday.

    I really like the SmartKnit seamless socks.  They are more expensive but they absorb the sweat on his feet better.  He has really sweaty feet!  They go up to his knee but his braces don't so I usually fold them over the top of his AFO.  I have used Children's Place and Gap Kid socks before (the long kind you fold over) but they just gross me out with how wet they get from his sweaty feet.
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    Thank you for the recommendations.  I ended up ordering 6 pairs of the smartknit socks to try.  My son also gets nasty sweaty feet, so I was concerned about that.

  • Another sock suggestion... Soccer or baseball socks! They are extra long so they will come all the way up.

    For shoes... When DD was younger we always had to purchase some special ones, but now we just purchase 1/2-1 size bigger and take out the insole. We usually don't even have to get the wide width. We have never tried the hatchbacks but we liked the Answer2 shoes when we used them. We purchased them through our orthotics place.
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