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LO woke up congested today, no runny nose or fever just a cough. Is there something I could give him? He is acting and sleeping just fine and is there something I can give him to break up this gunk in his chest? This is our first time with a chest cold...TIA

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  • When daisy is stuffy we give her liqui allergy medicine. Her dr. have us an RX for it but sad we can get it over the counter if we want. You can always call your nurse and see if that's an option. We also found the Vicks vapor run on the bottom of her feet with socks on or a steamy bathroom help break things up if you don't want to give medicine.
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    My daughter has a horrible chest cold and I took her to the dr yesterday and he said the only thing I could give her is tylonel or ibruprohen and to use a cool must humidifier. Vicks can actually cause breathing problems in babies and toddlers so ask your dr before you go that route. That's what my dr told me at least. Like pp said the hot steamy bath did help a little.

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  • We use a cool mist humidifier and Little Remedies Baby Rub. It is like Vicks but safe for babies over 6 months I think. Before bedtime, I run the shower really hot and sit in the bathroom with DD and read stories to help loosen things up. Hope your LO is feeling better soon.

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