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This is the only place I will ask this question (re:"bratty phase")

I know the ?other boards would eat me alive if I asked this... so, let me say first, I love DD more than anything and I wouldn't trade her for any other child...

My question - for you experienced moms - is there a bratty phase? I feel like the last 3 days, DD has just been whiny and for lack of a better word, bratty. She will get immediately PO'd if she can't do something or if something gets taken away, etc. She will actually yell at us and has started throwing her food, plate, cup, etc...

We actually took her to the doctor, b/c this was so unlike her, we were sure something was wrong . ?She started really walking this last week, so I figure she's trying to test out some new limits, but are these things I need to start worrying about? I mean in terms of creating habits and stuff? I thought this stuff happened around 2... not 10 months! :)

Thanks for any input!?

Re: This is the only place I will ask this question (re:"bratty phase")

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    Sounds like typical toddler behavior.  She's just starting early.  :)
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    yep. she is wise beyond her (almost) year.

    you might want to check to see if she is cutting her molars. that brings out the beast in jack. 

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    Ditto the others- it's a toddler thing.  DD gets super cranky when she's teething and her molars came in around that time- they were the worst.  Check to see if that's it, but still start putting boundaries in place. 
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    When Abby gets more bratty than usual, I contribute it to a "Learning Spurt". They get more frustrated as they try to learn new skills and definitely those "new limits" are difficult to grasp at first. But oh are they trying! This website outlines some of the "cloudy" weeks and interestingly enough, Abby hit almost all of them, week for week!



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