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FBA/BIP questions (Auntie or anyone familiar)

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I'm pretty sure we're going this route soon. I'm not giving it much more time before I make a formal request. So far the team is content to informally look for antecedents and implement a sticker chart and visual system to request breaks. It's only been two school days since it was implemented so I'll give it a little more time but I want to be prepared.

I've googled and gotten the general idea but what does it look like in practice? How and when should I request it? I'm hearing about "rough afternoons" at least half the days and today I got my first call from the principal because behavior has escalated. Does it have to be done by an independent player (so far the classroom aid is doing a behavioral scatter plot)? Any other things I need to know or resources you can point me too? I'm going to ping his Dev Pedi and the social worker at CHCO too.

Thank you! Thank you!

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