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Cows Milk Sensitivity?

So, early on in my Ds's life we had a struggle with weight gain, green mucousy poops, and constant eating. This was all during my attempt at BFing. After 3-4 weeks of no weight gain and constant nursing, ect we threw in the towel and went to formula. We tried Enfamil Gentlease and regular Enfamil and both resulted in mucousy cottage cheese curd poops. I was convinced he had MSPI, but none of the doctors would believe me. We finally found a formula that didn't give him those poops, which is Gerber Gentle. Things have gone great since then. When we started solids we did BLW. Very quickly we found he does not tolerate corn. Things with a high corn value (like corn bread, cereal made with corn in first ingredients, ect) all resulted in those mucousy poops and him being gassy and fussy. So we cut out obvious corn. Then as we're trying dairy we're finding some thing give him the same reaction. So, things like full fat yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, ect. These all made him really gassy and gave him those mucousy poops. Baked goods do not do that to him though.

So, we talked to his pedi and he just told us to eliminate dairy from his diet. So we're doing that. He then went through the whole thing about alternative milks once he's 12 months. Which I already had covered previously. He does great with goat milk and coconut milk products. He didn't say much more than that though. Should I be pushing for an allergist or something? Is this MPI or is it just a sensitivity. I'm sorry for sounding so blatantly naive, I've never dealt with a food allergy or sensitivity before. The fact that the pedi didn't seemed concerned and it's taken me 9 months to get him to even acknowledge that DS had a problem with dairy is just baffling to me. Thanks so much!
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Re: Cows Milk Sensitivity?

  • Nana - it took me until ds1 was 14-16 months old (and a chance appointment with the head pediatrician at the USAF hospital) to get a pediatrician to acknowledge that "maybe, it's possible, he might be lactose intolerant." when I needed a doctor note for day care to not give ds1 milk back in 1997/1998.  All other pediatricians criticized me for not having ds1 on either Similac or Enfamil. (I had him on Prosobee)

    It still took until ds1 was 11 years for a doctor to refer him to an allergist for allergy testing and those test results were surprising.  He had a mild reaction to milk - but not enough for the allergist to call him allergic and he did test allergic to fish and shellfish -- which surprised us since those are two of ds1's favorite foods.  Later by accident we figured out that the fish/shellfish that he's allergic to are ones he doesn't normally eat which is how we hadn't noticed the allergy.

    Ds2 is 7.5 months and I sometimes wish we could do allergy testing on him now but I understand it's not very accurate at his age yet.

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