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Dairy Challenge ??

My daughter was miserable the first 6 months of life with no concern from our pedi. I had been piecing together the possibility of MSPI but it was a little hard to nail down b/c I was nursing. Made the call at 6 months after a weekend trip with my diet being dairy heavy and an instant worsening of symptoms (green mucus diapers, screaming gas, etc.) She is now 17 months and still nursing 3x per day just for the extra nutrition, she is def ready to self wean completely but being dairy free I feel like she still needs the boost b/c the rice milk she is taking is very low calorie/fat. Did a blood allergy test at 15 months that was negative but the pedi says that under 2 they are not very accurate and obviously doesn't cover MSPI anyway. But we got the go ahead to challenge her. We have been giving her some baked in dairy (waffles, cake, ect) here and there since about 12 months.  All pedi said was to start with yogurt and wait 7-10 days before introducing something new. She started with 1/2 container of yogurt a day for a little over a week and now have been doing a full container of the Gerber yogurt everyday with no apparent symptoms. Diapers are still normal (she is on a small dose of Miralax everyday now since 9 months and daily prunes from 6-9 before that for terrible constipation contributed to a "lazy bowel") and she has been sleeping great. My question is, whats next?? Cheese??? I know there is a difference in types of cheeses so what should we start with? TIA!!!!
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