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My Baby got her first cold =(

I have to admit-I thought Riley would get sick sooner but I am so thankful she didn't! Last night she kept us up for most the night with a cough so I scheduled an appointment for today and the dr. said she has a virus and a secondary infection starting. She has a soar throat, cough and is a little congested. We started her on antibiotics tonight so please send some prayers her way. I wish I could take the sickness from her and put it on myself instead. It is just so hard to watch your baby struggle =( 

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Re: My Baby got her first cold =(

  • Awww, poor Riley! I hope she gets better really fast. You are very lucky it took this long for her to get her first illness!!
  • Poor baby!! It sucks!

    Alexis didn't get sick until 6 months and hasn't again since then (knock on wood) but it was terrible.  I just felt so bad for her!!! 

    Hopefully she gets better ASAP!!!!!

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  • Oh, poor Riley!  Hope she feels better soon.
    -- Jackie
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  • I hope Riley feels better soon :)
  • Hope she feels better soon!

    Nicky is almost a year and a half and has never ever been sick.  I know I am in for HELL when it evenutally happens.

  • Oh no- I hope Miss Riley gets better soon.
  • Feel better, Riley!
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  • Well, you certainly are lucky to have such a healthy baby. My little one caught a horrible cold from her stupid cousin and aunt around 14 weeks old. And it lasted a wretched 3 weeks. No medicine for her except the nasal aspirator and a cool mist humidifier. Now we are trying to avoid her getting another bug, which daddy picked up. Hope your little girl gets well soon! It stinks watching them go through it. Just give her lots of cuddles! :)
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