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Question about nut allergies

Did you BF and if so did you notice anything when you ate nuts in your diet??  DD get congested and stuffy when I eat any nuts.  Has since day#1.  She is 7 months now and I'm so afraid she will have a nut allergy. Anyone experience this???

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Re: Question about nut allergies

  • I BFed and never noticed a reaction until DS had straight pb at 16 months. That being said, DS did break out in hives on occasion, but I never correlated them to my nut eating.

    This time around I avoided all nuts during pregnancy and nursing per the allergist's advice (although there is no proven link that it could have an impact).

    Most allergists make you wait until 1 year to do an allergy test.
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  • DD2 had eczema because of nuts in my diet. Once I cut them out of my diet, her skin cleared completely up within a week. When we had her tested for allergies, sure enough, she's allergic to peanuts and certain tree nuts.
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