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My 3 week old is skinny and lanky and is about 8 pounds by now. We have been trying to find the right diaper that will keep from leaking and blowouts. We have had at least one blowout, if not more, per day. We havetried Huggies, Pampers and  Luvs. Suggestions? Tips?

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Re: diaper sizing

  • My little guy is tall and skinny too. Huggies leaked nonstop. We have had better luck with the Pampers. Also, generic brands from Target and Publix has surprisingly worked well. We are currently using size 1. He is just over 9 lbs.

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  • Diapers suck. Each brand fits so different, I feel. I have also found I like Pampers the best as well as Costco's Kirkland brand.
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  • Both of my girls have always been tall and skinny and I've always had the best luck with Pampers. 
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  • Pampers and target brand have worked for us. Huggies leaked. Our LO is skinny also
  • Parent's Choice from Walmart, newborn size.
  • My little guy is also long.  He is over 10lbs now but doesn't look it.  I found that pampers swaddlers size 1 are best for him.  If he is leaking through the diapers make sure they are snug and the ruffles are pulled out of the diapers where the legs come through.
  • Try BabyGanics from BRU size 1....they are awesome. LO is small and skinny

  • Pampers Swaddlers
  • Target brand are my fave. Cheaper & have fit my girls the best (they're all on the little side).
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  • Huggies were terrible for us. At 8 lbs. my LO was in newborn pampers and those worked great. Thats all we use.
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  • We used Huggies NB, and those leaked everytime. I really like Pampers and even the Walmart brand works well. Since we switched from Huggies, we've had no leaks :)
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  • Huggies Sung and Dry have no absorbency and Pampers leaked for DD as well. Huggies Little Snugglers, and the Wal-Mart Brand have never leaked.  

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  • We are using Pampers Baby Dry right now and we haven't had any leaks yet! Plus they are far more absorbent than the swaddlers, though they don't have the wetness indicator which I really like. that should be on every diaper! haha.

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