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Worsening of peanut allergy

Has anyone experienced this? I know each reaction can be worse. In the past week, DS has had two exposures and both times reacted worse. The first was a cross contaminated cookie. I didn't see any nuts in it, it was made at a bakery with shared equipment. His tongue started itching he said so the babysitter gave him Benadryl and he was okay. Monday he was sitting next to his BFF at lunch who had a fiber one bar with nuts. He swears he didn't touch the bar and bff didnt touch him. During lunch though he developed hives and an itchy tongue. The school nurse thought it was swollen too. So my question is these were two minor exposures that he is suddenly reacting to. Has anyone else experienced this? Can the allergy develop into a level where he's reacting to airborne particles now? We have an appointment to get his RAST drawn next week and see the pedi. Once we get his rast results we're headed back to the allergist. What complicates matters is his allergist isnt on our insurance anymore so were paying out of pocket. At this point, I'll pay whatever it takes to get answers.

Re: Worsening of peanut allergy

  • DD1 has a class 6 peanut allergy. She has contact reactions from the tiniest amounts, and the allergist said with levels that high they are at risk for airborne reactions. I don't give her anything that's made on shared equipment or in a facility with nuts. It's good that you're going back to the allergist.
  • Thank you. We've got orders to get the blood drawn on thursday when we see the pedi. Per the allergist. I just love our allergist. I texted her and she responded right away. Shes not on pur insurance anymore but we'll pay out of pocket to have him see her, because I love her that much. And trust her.
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