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Alternative to whole milk question

I will be talking to my pediatrician about this in 2 weeks, but would love real life mom advice as well. My son had a pretty bad intolerance to milk when he was born. I won't say true allergy, but a definite intolerance. BF did not work, we went through a variety of formula fails as well. Finally it seemed he had grown out of it a little and is doing ok on gerber formula. He will be a year old next week, and we tried an ounce of whole milk mixed with his bottle last weekend to see if he would even notice the taste, etc. He spit up immediately after the bottle. Not just a little spit up (and he hasn't spit up in a couple months) but at least an ounce or 2 of milk. I haven't tried since and am now nervous he still has an issue with the milk protein. 
Google is not much help obviously, so what are some alternatives that have worked for everyone? Thanks in advance! 
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Re: Alternative to whole milk question

  • Ask your pediatrician what he/she thinks about goat milk. It is supposed to be much easier to digest that cow milk due to less caseins. They have it available at whole foods in dairy case as well as in powdered and condensed version in section with rice and soy milk.
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  • Goats milk
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