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Please before you tell me to "just go to the exchange" let me tell you my closest exchange is 2 hours away and online exchange was (nothing nice to say). Now with that being said, those stationed over seas where did you get your clothes from? This is my first and I have never bought maternity clothes before. So I guess where and how did you buy them? I am still in the first trimester but I can't stand anything pressing on my tummy right now (I think another person said something about the baby being nothing but farts...) so I would like some clothes but I don't know how big I will get so I don't know what to buy. TIA!

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  • Do you have an APO address?    Gap, Old Navy, Ann Taylor Loft, and Target all ship to APO.  I haven't checked Motherhood Maternity for APO shipping, but they might too.

     I love the Gap maternity jeans, but they're a little expensive.  I've heard good things about Old Navy (which are about half the price) but they're out of the size I need right now.   Everything I've read says to order your normal pre-pregnancy size in maternity clothes.  This worked great for Gap and Loft, but I'm not sure about other companies.

    I agree though, our BX doesn't have a very good selection of maternity clothes.

    As far as shopping on the economy, where are you stationed???
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    For now you probably only need a belly band (stretchy band of fabric that goes over the top of your non-maternity jeans and allows you to walk around with them unbuttoned) to get through the bloat period. Wait until you actually need real maternity clothes before you spend $$$.
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  • Due Maternity not only ships to APO/FPO but they ship any size order free and upgrade to priority!  Their clothes are really nice too...a little pricey but they have really good deals in the sale/clearance section
  • I'm stationed in Northern Germany almost Holland. Aachen is about 30 min away but a nice drive so I wouldn't mind going there plus they have a Thai (sp?) place there that the food is GREAT!
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    I don't know about German stores.  In the UK, the big department stores have a small selection of maternity clothes.  There's also a store here called MotherCare.   Do you have any German friends who you can ask about stores to shop at?   Consignment/thrift stores might be okay too.  

    ALSO, with most purchases, you can select Prime shipping, which is priority mail, to APO addresses.  I bought the Bella Band from  
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  • I second the old navy recommendation but I will add when it comes to ordering, order the next size up bc they fit true to size. And by that I mean there isn't room to grow.

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  • Besides online shopping to your APO address, H&M has a good maternity selection in stores here.

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  • I really loved regular (non maternity) leggings throughout my pregnancy. They are usually pretty easy to find and size right. I also wore one size up regular boyfriend tees from target a bunch and they worked throughout my entire pregnancy. I say the only thing that you really need to by "maternity" are jeans. Anything else would really just be a splurge. 
    Hope this helps.
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