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Looking for new doctor in Tulsa

I've never posted on any of these pregnancy forums before but I need help. I have been suffering from dome really bad depression since my pregnancy has started. My current doctor has said that there wasnt much we could do and that things would get better but they've only gotten harder. My husband was very upset to hear this and has tried to be supportive but things are tough. I finally got to talking to a close friend about this now she's not a mom but she encouraging me to find a new doctor but I don't know where to start. I am in Southern Tulsa, and 18 weeks along. I'm worried about finding a new doctor I don't know where to start.

So I guess I'm asking for any recommendation for new doctors or even birthing centers (since I would prefer to have a natural birth not in a hospital).

I'm sorry this all over the place. I'm just starting to get things on a better track.

Re: Looking for new doctor in Tulsa

  • I've heard really great things about Tulsa Women's Health Care. I'm at OSU and looking into switching there, but need a referral from my primary care physician first. I have heard really great things about natural lullabies as well if you'd rather use a midwife.

    Also, if you're on SoonerCare they are very supportive about mental health issues. I personally struggle with bi-polar disorder and am also looking into seeing a therapist. I am unwilling to take any sort of medication while pregnant, so this is the best I can do. I too am having a natural birth, unfortunately in a hospital though since I cannot afford a midwife (seems silly SoonerCare won't cover that since it's far, far less expensive than a hospital stay).

    Best of luck with your search!


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  • I go to dr sterling at Tulsa women's health care. I know that there was controversy about a doctor there, but I believe the practice itself has handled the situation well, and I still feel comfortable there. I'm not sure about how well they handle emotional disorders in pregnancy though. Dr sterling has always been very quick with my appointments, however when I have a question, he does listen and doesn't push me out the door. Again, though, he may be too quick of a doctor for your liking. Many of my appointments take less that 20 minutes. But--you do get to see your baby every time (ultrasound every visit), and again, I trust him and I do believe he does listen and gives the best answer for any issue I'm having in my pregnancy. I would like to believe he would at least give you a good referral to a psychologist trained in maternal care. I sure hope this long-winded explanation helped :)

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  • I go to Dr Ross, he is with st Francis south. Located at 91st and 169. He is amazing! I absolutely love him, he is very kind & truly cares about his patients. He does ask if prayer for happy life healthy baby is ok to do with you, with your permission he will say a prayer. The ladies in his office are very nice as well! Check him out if you have not found a new dr yet! (: good luck on your search
  • To find a right doctor in Tulsa, you can start here http://www.ratemds.com/filecache/SelectDoctor.jsp?sid=37. Here is a complete list of best Oklahoma Doctors.
  • You can also look at birth networks website for providers. There are some amazing midwives in that area!
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    I have the same question. I'm looking for a female doctor (I'd be more comfortable). However all the ones my family/friends are recommending are male. Anyone have suggestions in Tulsa or BA?
  • lmross said:

    I have the same question. I'm looking for a female doctor (I'd be more comfortable). However all the ones my family/friends are recommending are male. Anyone have suggestions in Tulsa or BA?

    I go to dr robin cox. Her office is at Hillcrest south. She was my SILs doctor as well as a friends doctor. They both loved her and so do I.
  • I love Dr. Sterling. He has been the OB for 5 of my two sisters' 6 children...and he is my OB as well.
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