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Car Seats- Forward Facing?

Has anyone turned your LO around to forward facing yet? DS is starting to look uncomfortable....so thinking about turning him around, but is it too soon?

Re: Car Seats- Forward Facing?

  • There are a few 212 who have turned their LO's around already...a few right at the 1 year mark because of car sickness, some more recently.  Allison is a little cramped RF but doesn't seem to be bothered by it. 

    Our plan is to wait until she is 2+ (depending on weather since we have to turn around 3 carseats and my mom's car is a PITA to install it in) and then turn her around and pull the pacifier at the same time.  Hopefully the turning around will offset not having the pacifier in the car.

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  • We have not turned DD around yet, but we've had many many heated discussions about it.  About a  month ago my DH desperately wanted to turn DD around because she was miserable in the car, and every single car ride was torture!!  I really wanted to keep her RF until at least 2, so I just sort of ignored him.  Amazingly enough (knock on wood), the past two weeks, DD has been great in the car!  I think she is finally tall enough to really see out the window, and now seems perfectly content to ride RF.  

    She will sometimes lock her knees when I try to get her in the car, which is SUPER annoying, but we're managing! 
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  • We turned at 14 months.  I was seriously afraid that I was going to give him a concussion getting him in the car.  I literally whacked his head every single time I put him in!  So, flame away, but he's been forward facing for almost 6 months now.

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  • We still haven't turned her, and have no plans to turn her anytime soon.  Rear facing is the safest, so any reason we had to turn her would have to be pretty convincing.  We have a 2 door car, so she climbs in, and then I get into the back with her to buckle her.
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  • We are also still RF. He will be that way until at least 2 and most likely until he hits his limits RFing in his carseat. I say this now, but our ultimate goal is next Feb. We will reevaluate then.
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  • I think we will try to hold out till he is two. I know RF is the safest, but FF seems more comfortable. I have a friend who already turned around her 16 month old, so I was just curious what everyone was doing. Each baby is different...no flaming here! Gotta do what works.
  • Jackson is FF
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  • Emma is FF due to carsickness. We switched to a Honda Pilot when she was 16 months old and immediately she started screaming at the top of her lungs and drooled a whole lot. I felt terrible for her. 


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  • Caroline is FF.  We turned her because I couldn't fit her behind my seat in the convertible seat RF and she can't go in the middle because we have SD.  SD is on the passenger side so she doesn't have to go around my car in the school parking lot to get in and out of the car.  It's safer for her that way.
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  • Addy is FF- we just turned her seat around last month.  I was set on waiting until she was 2, but DH convinced me to turn her around (she'll be 2 in Jan).  Its been great being able to see her finally and she LOVES it.  We can now see her jamming to the tunes on the radio and she loves watching where we are going.  I think everyone just needs to do what is right for their families.

    Remember- when our parents were little, car seats weren't even required.  Its amazing how specific the safety rules have become.


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  • FF since 11 months.  Yes I know we broke the rules.  But he's fine and it's not the only rule we've ever broken. 

  • FF once he moved into the big boy car seat (out of the infant carrier), so maybe 10 months.  We didn't have a choice one of our vehicles is a two door so it was impossible to put him in the seat rear facing.  Buying a different vehicle wasn't a option for us.  

    You have to do what works for you.  
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  • Skyler is FF and has been since early August.  I bought her a convertible after she finally outgrew her infant carrier and I couldn't install the seat correctly RF.  I was going to return the seat and Skyler snagged the material with her shoe so I kept it.  We turned her in DH's car a few weeks later.  She seems happier in the car, but it did not negate the need for the paci like I was hoping. @mrmrsandbaby  I actually find it more difficult to get her in FF than RF, but that may be my personal experience.  I actually contemplated just buying a new seat and turning her back RF.

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  • @ssimon621 - I don't want to hear that...I'm sticking my fingers in my ears and ignoring that comment!  LALALALALALALALALA!!!!!!
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  • He is RF and will be until he is at least 3-4 years old. Not even an option until then.
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  • Still RF but its day by day. Right now my goal is to get through vacation this week and then we will talk. DH wants a new seat for his car. I want to get a seat that will last until she is no longer in a car seat (Graco Nautalis) but you can't RF with it. We might turn her in his car and leave her RF in mine. Like I said, we're pretty much day by day at this point.

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  • mrtmrt member
    I wanted to leave him rear facing longer, but switched at 18 months because he would wrestle with me getting into the car. Tried other things first, but they didn't work. He had reached the rf weight limit (30 lbs) in dh's car so we turned him in mine too.
  • Still RF and don't plan to switch until after he's 2. His legs are definitely squished but he doesn't seem to mind.
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  • We hope to RF until she reaches the height/weight limit of our seat, but I am not opposed to switching her sooner if needed. Right now she does great RF, so I have no reason to make the switch.

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  • Still RF. DD is very small and was only 19.5 pounds a month ago so not even sure if she'd be legal yet even if we wanted to. I plan to wait until she is at least two but would really love to go longer for safety's sake.
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  • DD's been forward facing since she was about 15 months old. We dealt with majorly carsick baby, and once she was over 20lbs (which was at about 15 months), we turned her. She hasn't vomited in the car since. :)

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