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WWYD? Timing school drop off question...

This is more of a silly vent than anything but it's left me a bit flustered.

When my mom is working or OOT I have to take both kids with me to drop off and pick up DS1.  I have to get them both out of the car, carry DS2 and take DS1 into the classroom in his stroller.  For pick up, I have to take DS2 into the school and wait in the gym for the teachers to bring DS1 out to me then push him in the stroller out to the car.  DS2 also has special needs (same issues, hypertonia, cognitive delay, non ambulatory).  

DS1 goes to school 5x/week from 12:30-3.

What time would you drop him off at school?

I try to be 5 minutes early to everything so that I have a few minutes of leeway if something happens.
However, if I get him to school at 12:28 they make me wait in the lobby because it's too early to take him into class.  When I get him there at 12:33 I was chastised because he was LATE and the PT was waiting for him.

Is this typical that the has to be at school at EXACTLY 12:30, not a minute early, not a minute late?  (It happened to my mom today, she did drop off and got there at 12:28 and had to wait in the lobby until 12:30)
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Re: WWYD? Timing school drop off question...

  • My younger DD goes to a private preschool, and they don't let the kids into the classroom until the official start time. We wait in the hall until they open the door. It makes sense because the teachers have a morning class before DD's and they need time to clean up and prep for the afternoon class. While they don't like it if we're more than 10 minutes late, it's not a big deal at all to be 2-3 minutes late. I can't believe they gave you a hard time.
  • For preschool, yes. All the parents & kids had to wait outside the classroom until the teacher opened the door at exactly 8:00 a.m. Luckily, being a few minutes late was NBD because they started off with free play on the classroom rug. 

    For kindergarten, thank goodness, we're past that. I can drop DD1 off up to 15 minutes early but no earlier. 

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  • It sounds a bit drastic but very common.  Schools have such strict rules set by the districts.  My DS preschool starts at 8 am and you wait outside until 8 am, they can't let you in earlier because of "liability" then if you are more than 5 min late, you have to go to ofc to get a pass to class. Same thing at pick up, you better be there or if it's more than 5 minutes they take your child to office to call you.  These "rules" are set by our district and teachers have nothing to do with it, but you still shouldn't have been chastized for being a bit late once.  I mean things happen, it's called life.
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    Ditto LB but we're in the same district. The doors open at exactly 9:15 but hey didn't shut the doors until all the parents were out, so if you were 5 minutes late it wasn't even noticed. If the therapists were there at the time they did paperwork or talked to parents until the morning routine chaos calmed down. In Kindergarten we can drop off up to 25 minutes early if we want to leave them in their classroom line. The teachers don't bring the kids into the classrooms until 10 minutes before the official start time. I try to get there about 15 minutes before school officially starts but I'm usually 5 minutes on either side.

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  • Typical even in regular education settings, though there is a bigger window of what constitutes late. Our doors do not unlock until 7:20 (unless you have a key badge). Parents are always waiting for the doors to unlock. While I get that 2 minutes early seems like NBD, some parents do not respect teachers' time and 2 minutes becomes 5, then 10, you get my point.
  • We are allowed in the building earlier to have them hang up their coats, get their lunch boxes, etc., but the classroom doors don't open until 9 on the dot.  


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