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I picked up some of that Bio Oil last week...  LOVED IT! I already noticed one scar on my belly starting to fade.    Well, Saturday evening I got out of the shower and noticed a flippin' rash all over my tummy, hips and breasts... Almost looked like heat rash, raised-small red bumps... I freaked out immediately, but then realized it wasn't itchy.  I took some benadryl and passed out for about 11 hrs (soooo awesome)  In the morning the rash was barely visible.

Last night, I got out of the shower and BAM! there it was again :/   I called my doctor and they said it most likely a reaction from the Bio Oil. Since I wasn't itchy, and no other symptoms presents, wait a couple of days to see if it goes away. 

Has any one experienced a NON-itchy rash during pregnancy? 

Re: BIO OIL + Rash = FAIL

  • It's really weird that they think it's from the bio-oil when you used it for a whole week with no reaction, and then that the rash appeared after getting out of the shower, presumably when it's been washed off your skin... I would have said it's a heat rash before a reaction from the bio-oil...
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  • I've a actually read a LOT of reviews where women say the bio oil gave them horrible rashes! :( must be whatever ingredient fades old scars- kinda harsh for some skin.
    I use EarthMama Angel Baby stretch oil.... Doesn't do anything about old scars, but sure helps skin stay elastic and healthy- smells great too!
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  • I can't use the Palmers Cocoa Butter stuff that everyone swears by- but that rash is all itch and no red. :-/

    Gotta love the weirdness :)

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  • Bio oil is made of petroleum. It will def give you a rash. Switch to jojoba oil, it's amazing! Just google all the benefits.
  • I love bio oil. The smell is so good. Sorry you had a reaction.
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  • Same thing happened to me this morning. I am 13 weeks and have been using bio oil to my belly hips and breast to prevent stretch marks for about a week. I had no issues then this morning my skin felt rough and now I have a raised pinpoint rash all over my belly. No significant itching though and no rash to my hips or breast where I also applied it.
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    I hate old thread resurrections.  They get me all excited that old bumpies are back.  

    All of this x 100!

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  • Old threads makes me think old bumpies are pregnant again and I missed their announcement.
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