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Room/bed switch

Let me preface by saying that yes, I know I'm over thinking, and yet...

DS will b 21 months when LO is born. He currently sleeps in the bedroom right next to ours. LO will spend the first month or two in our room but I found that I slept poorly when DS was in our room (I woke up with every baby sound, even though DS was sleeping happily) so I plan on moving LO into his own room pretty young.

When LO moves into his own room, he will get DS' crib, and DS will move into a big boy bed with a rail. So here's the question: should we set up a new room for DS - with his new bed etc and have LO move into the 'baby room'? Or one day just move all the 'baby things' out of DS' room and into the new one?

If we set up a new room for DS he can get used to it slowly (have both set up for a while and he can 'play' in the big boy room) - but he might feel like the baby stole his room and stuff.

If we keep DS in his room then one day it'll be 'baby' and the next it'll be 'big boy' with no transition time. Also it would mean LO is a little further away from us.

Thoughts? Anyone navigated this and has advice? How much transition time is really needed?

Re: Room/bed switch

  • I guess I don't have much advice as we're in the same boat. DS will also be 21 months when LO #2 is born. At first I was dead set on transitioning to a big boy bed before the baby came, but I'm reconsidering just buying a second crib for the new baby. We actually have 2 bedrooms upstairs (ours and DS) and 2 empty rooms downstairs, so DS will be moving downstairs to make room for LO in the room by ours. I haven't decided whether or not we should move him downstairs in his crib before baby comes or if we should do it all when it's needed (as in, when there's a baby who needs the room).

    Sorry- no advice, but I'm listening in. And, I'm probably over-thinking too but I think it's natural to want to make all the transitions go smoothly for everyone...
  • I was in a similar boat.  Our DD was in the "nursery" and we needed her to move to her new room. Our master is downstairs and the kids room are next to each other upstairs.  I had this big plan where we were going to be done with all the projects in her new room 2 months before DS came so she would have time to transition, etc.  Well that didn't happen and in the end, I moved her to her new room after DS was already born.  She could have cared less about what room she was in and the "transition" period that I thought she needed was just silly.  FWIW, she moved to a crib in her new room which was a decision that I am SOOOOO glad we made. No way could we have dealt with her getting up in the middle of night while dealing with DS who has been a handful.  She was only 16 months at the time but she loves her crib and I won't even think about moving her for as long as I can.  

    Anyways, my 2 cents on this is that I would move your older one whenever you want.  And I would get another crib.  Or move his crib up to his room with him and keep your new baby in a PNP in the room next to yours.  That might work out if you can keep the new one in the PNP for 6 months then when your older one is around 27 months you could move him to big boy bed and put the crib in the baby's room.  

    I found DD is much more possessive about her toys than her bed.  She really didn't care about DS being in "her room" after he was born.  Now if he touches her stuff, the world is ending but the room thing was really something that ended up being very inconsequential for us.  
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  • My 2 will share a room so it's a little different.... But
    The plan was to set up DS's new toddler bed while we awaited the arrival of #2. We figured he could read in it and just overall get used to the idea of sleeping in a bed. After 2 weeks he decided that he wanted to sleep in his new bed and we are on night 3 in his big boy bed. It was a total nonissue!
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  • I've been lurking recently so here's my quick intro :) DS was born Aug 27th. I also have a 22mo DD. very nervous about having 2u2 but so far we are managing!

    We gave DD a "new room" with a big girl bed at 17 months. We set it up, read books in there, and slowly started moving her things into the new room. We spun it that she was a big girl now and got her big girl room. She is loving all her independence!
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