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Deciphering the world of double strollers ....

Hi Everyone, I am looking for some recommendations. I currently had a seven month old who will be about 13 months when our next baby is born. I am looking for a double stroller that will accommodate my 13 month old son and a newborn in an infant car seat. We currently use a peg prego car seat and would like to continue using that if possible.
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Re: Deciphering the world of double strollers ....

  • City select with universal carseat adaptor.

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  • There's a lot more info I would want before I start making some recommendations.  What are your primary stroller uses?  Do you jog?  What kind of terrain are you on?  What strollers do you have now?  And what is your budget? 
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  • Thanks for you're replies. We mostly use the stroller for walks and to take the baby to story hour or to the mall, grocery shopping. We travel a far amount so we use the stroller a lot on trips. We don't run but, we do spend a lot of time outside on the weekends.
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  • I'm just looking into something like this myself. I've saved a few in a "registry"(we aren't using one for people, simply for us and those who ask).  Any whose, I saved a few...  It looks as though when I was looking that things like the Graco Grow with me or Room for 2 will only fit Graco infant seats; there is the baby trend sit n stand ultra stroller, that I think we will end up going with.  It is cheaper in the long run and our older son doesn't have to always sit.  There are more configuration, better options, etc.  Your best choice is probably to do something similar and check our your local BRU or similar. 
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  • We were very happy with our Bumbleride Indie Twin for outside walks (we lived in the city when DD#1 was born, so it was our main mode of transportation until we moved to the burbs when she was a year).  It is a bit big and bulky to bring shopping, keep in the car, or travel with.  For that we had a used Maclaren Twin Techno that I got on Craigslist for $50.  It is still a side by side, but didn't take up as much room.  And it folds up so small I could fit it on the floor of the back seat, between the front seats and the back seats.  It was fabulous!  

    Good luck choosing!
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  • I have a BOB Duallie which I absolutely love for outdoors.  It's like pushing nothing which is something to say when you are hauling 40+ lbs of kid in your stroller.  I do jog but I really got it just because I wanted air tires.  Air tires really make a big difference in making the stroller very easy to push.  I also had a B-Ready for indoors which I liked but I now use the Bugaboo Bee with Englacha Junior X Rider which is perfect for us.  

    It sounds like you are probably going to want something all terrain if you are outside a lot. Maybe look at the Baby Jogger City Mini GT Double.  It has all terrain tires, an easy fold and would be a decent travel stroller.  Not tiny by any means but it would be a good all around option.  Or you could get a cheap double like the Maclaren and then get a nice outdoor stroller.  
    I would stay away from anything Graco, Chicco, Baby Trend, etc.  The quality is just not there and most of them are hard to push and not great to fold.  
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  • I actually love my Graco double. It's a DuoGlider and has held up fabulously the last two years. It's not at all difficult to fold/unfold and not any more difficult to steer than the other strollers we tested in store. It also doesn't take up any more trunk space than my friend's travel system single stroller. I had no where near the budget for the $400+ strollers often recommended, but the DuoGlider has served me very well.
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  • I more just want to say we are in pretty similar circumstances... LO is a little over 6 months, and will be 13 months when baby #2 arrives. :) I really like the city select. Love all the different configurations. I live in Chicago though, so we use a stroller every day. I actually thought about getting the city select with baby #1, but thought it would be stupid unless we had babies close together, which would never happen. Funny how thins work out. :)
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