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Talking - those with boys

how's DS talking? 

DS1 can converse with us but we also know what he means and translate most words. right now he's using single words to get his point across. i'd say most words are not recognizable from most ppl other than DH and I and our family.  but he understands really well. 

i'm wondering if anyone has mentioned to you about DS's speech or whether you had concerns. i am not concerned as of now only because i can see an improvement almost daily with his speech and each day he'll 'learn' a new word. 

anyone with a DS who is full on talking in full sentences? or anyone who is really concerned at this point?


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Re: Talking - those with boys

  • Liam is about the same as your DS. We do have an appointment on Monday just to check his hearing to make sure that isn't a reason for a language delay. I'm actually not very worried, but friends encouraged me to call our school district office which does the testing.
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  • DS1 is using full sentences. "No, I don't want that booster." "I prolly need a bath." "Papa is being noisy." Things like that. Come to think of it, most begin with I. His pronunciation is certainly lacking, though, and we still translate a great deal, although my family and DCP understand him just fine. For example, "booster" sounds exactly like "bullshit."

    His language has really exploded this summer. It also really helped with tantrums because I can ask him to calm down and use his words, which he then does. In the spring, 30 minute tantrums were not uncommon, but now they're much shorter, like 1 to 2 minutes.

    I think that @shaindelr is smart to get Liam checked. Better to know if there's an issue, especially since there are strategies to help.

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  • Thanks ladies :)
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  • DS is as of yesterday, speaking full on sentences. That everyone understands. Though he still has his moments where he gets so excited he's starts shooting off gibberish. My favorite was today after we cleaned his room : "Daddy, get up and come see my cwean (clean) woom (room). NOW." 

    It could just be he doesn't have much to say. My cousin didn't say anything until she was 4. Not one word. 
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  • Andrew full on talks in sentences.  Sometimes it's hard to understand and I have to ask him to repeat himself, but his vocabulary has exploded and he talks a LOT.
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  • My DS has a severe receptive and expressive speech disorder and has autism. He currently has 30 words and just started 2 words phrases in July. That's after almost a year of speech and occupational therapy and 5 months of daily intensive speech therapy. I am a big proponent of early intervention. If you are any bit concerned call your state early intervention program. If he qualifies the therapy is free or very low cost ( we pay $20 a month for 15 therapy hours through the state, though we have to supplement with private as well) and if he doesn't qualify you are reassured he is developing normally. I hope Liam's hearing test went well Shaindelr!

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