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Any Stay at home mommas with wisdom?

My hubby and I live in south west austin between Brodie and mopac area and I will be a FTM. Due date is October 24th but I seem to be dilating quickly so dr says any day. Yesterday was my last day of work since my hubby has asked me to try the SAHM thing. I am freaking out! There is no way we can make it on one salary so I will have to find at home work. Baby still needs so much stuff and I get stressed every time I buy since I want to hide all the money. I would just love some words of wisdom from people that have done it. I want to be able to be there for my new baby but also provide for our family. Thanks for any virtual anti-anxiety :)
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Re: Any Stay at home mommas with wisdom?

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    I am due in January, live in SW Austin and will be a SAHM too!! I wish I had advice on working from home.... So far I'm just concentrating on being as frugal as possible. If I'm not making any money I'm gonna try to save what I can! Only breastfeeding, cloth diapering, buying lots of gently used items, borrowing from other moms, etc etc... I was a Montessori school teacher for years, and we have friends with very young babies & kids. So I *might* eventually run a small classroom from home one day. But, gosh who knows! I wish life wasn't so damn expensive...
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    I know this is an older post but, how is it going?
    I've been a SAHM for 2 years and my boyfriend doesn't make that much. We aren't on government assistance anymore either. It took a lot of being frugal and realizing exactly how much we spent on things that really weren't necessary. The time at home with my daughter is irreplaceable!
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