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You guys, this can't wait.

DH went to DD1's parent-teacher conference last night (I was busy at music class with DD1, then picking up DD2) and he came home with GLOWING reports. 

She is fitting in. She is making friends. She still zones out & has some focus issues, but not anything hugely disruptive. She's on target for reading and math, and ... 

She is so far ahead in reading that her teacher wants to put her in a first-grade reading group! 

OMG, you guys. My kid is advanced in something. Like next-grade-level advanced. I want to cry. When we got that IQ test two years ago that pegged her at slightly below-average intelligence, I didn't think that was in our picture, or that her teacher would be using words like "brilliant." (Granted, her teacher is kind of gushy, but still!) Nor did I think I'd be in the position of having to balance a pull-out for advanced work with pull-outs for services to address her delays.

Her teacher is talking about sending her over to the first grade class for reading group only, and keeping her in her class for most of the comprehension work (which is where she needs the work, the mechanics of reading/decoding is where she is really excelling). The other option would be to have her be in a reading group by herself -- which was what happened to me in first grade (no reading in kindy when I was a kid) and it was SO lonely, I don't think we should take that approach when interaction is something she continues to need work on. I'd rather she be with a group for comprehension and a group for reading, even if they're different, than isolate her among her own classmates the way I was. 

OMG. I'm so proud of my girl. 

DD1, 1/5/2008 ~~~ DD2, 3/17/2010
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Re: You guys, this can't wait.

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