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The upside of......thread

Post some upsides here.
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  • LOL @auntie LO-fuckin-L
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  • nomadica said:

    I'm in a bit of a dark place so it's hard for me to find upsides right now. But one thing I can say is that my son's autism has certainly made me a better professional (I'm a neuropsychologist). Not only do I know WAY more about autism than I ever wish I did, but I can relate to the parents of the children I see with special needs in a much more real way.

    Absolutely (SLP here). DS made me a better therapist and gave me the ambition to pursue my PhD and investigate Dx and Tx.
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    @KC_13 I felt the same way. My little girl stays little longer :)
  • @auntie NOOOOOOOOO! Why crush my utopia? ;) I am dreading the teen years. Dreading!
  • @KC_13 @justinlove @auntie One of the parents on a corpus callosum list serve i am on says that parents should think of the 20's as the teens so they can adjust their expectations. It IS kinda nice to have your baby longer.
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  • @Rink08 I hear you on the FTT bonus! DD1 could wear the same size clothes and shoes for-ever! I could buy her expensive shoes and feel justified that she would be in them for a long time. Meanwhile, DD2 is flying though the sizes.
  • The upside of having a kid who rarely wants to interact with his peers is that he's never the one pushing and shoving and getting out I control at the playground.
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  • The advantage of having a strict rule-follower and a structure-lover for a child is that he is adored by his teachers. He has perfect behavior charts every week, every year, his whole life thus far.
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  • The upside to having a kid with a neverending energy supply and resulting neverending hyperactivity (think jumping bean - no I'm serious), is that he can eat like a teenage boy and be rail thin.  No worrying about watching calories with that one!
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  • The upside of DS#2's anxiety is that he never gets into anything he shouldn't.  The upside to DS#1 being so hyper is that he is wiped out by night time and sleeps amazing. 
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  • My upset to having a dd with ASD is I always have someone's opinion I know is honest. She doesn't sugar coat it for me. Bad hair day, she tells me. It's a little hard to hear, mama you look weird, go fix it. But when I hear mama, you look pretty I know I look good that day lol!
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