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DS is in an inclusion preschool class, in the mornings. We have wanted to do full days but until recently he was still napping. Now that he's giving that up, we're talking to the school about doing full days (which they've wanted all along). We were told during the general orientation that full day was until 3:30pm, and there was aftercare available until 4:30pm. I'd already altered my schedule at work so that I can get him by that time (not easy to do!). Well, come to find out at his monthly meeting that the special education classes actually only go until 2:30pm, with no aftercare available. What?! For a variety of reasons I don't think we have any workable options to work around this. But what is really making me angry is- don't parents of kids with special needs already have enough to deal with? We aren't even offered the same care that the typical kids are offered?! Am I wrong to feel that this is unfair? Never mind this- why does my son get an hour less of school per day than typical kids? I know some kids can't tolerate full days, but then they can do half days, right? I'm just fuming about this issue.....

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  • I'd be upset about that too.  Poor communication on top of the unequal treatment.  Wow...
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  • We have the same problem. No transportation available to daycares until Kindy either. It is so frustrating.
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  • I feel for you on this- aftercare/daycare has been the thorn in our side since DS was born. I have a job that can have wildly unpredictable hours, and DH has a job which is rigidly 8-4, which is nice for being able to do pickups, but he cannot/will not leave his office for any appointments whatsoever during office hours. We're constantly juggling.

    When DS attended his EI preschool (public) he was bussed from his private daycare. Is that an option for you? Busing was mandatory. Some of the kids were bused home, mine was just bused to a daycare. If you don't have busing available like @kballou, well then, that just really sucks!! Shoot, our district will send a van or taxi (with an aide) to get a kid. Busing alone was a terrible hassle, but I had to learn to just deal with it. His daycare had to remember to get him out to the stop at just the right time, and someone had to remember to get outside to get him. Sometimes they missed the bus. One time the bus was massively delayed (with DS in it) due to a storm. And we always seem to get these cantankerous bus drivers who are just mean and nasty. I have asked myself over and over through the years how unfair and unjust it is that I have to deal with all of that on TOP of him having a SN.


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