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  • Prospective Employer,

    Thank you for making DH waste a vacation day to come interview with you.  You said you couldn't start with a phone interview because this was an immediate hire.  You said that you were only interviewing for one week and would have an answer by the end of the week.

    Now you've decided to go to a trade show to look for more people to interview.  At the end of October. And you won't be able to get back to DH until November at the earliest.  I had to watch the kids for an entire weekend and weekday while you had DH take a day off work at the last minute to interview with you.  

    Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness!
    To my boys:  I will love you for you Not for what you have done or what you will become I will love you for you I will give you the love The love that you never knew
  • Sarah (birth to 5 helpline counselor),

    I can't thank you enough for actually returning my call and help directing me where to go for help for my son's behaviors, as every other avenue has been a total bust.  I felt inspired after talking to you and you eased my mind that there is help and you knew exactly where to send me.  I can't thank you enough.

    Very thankful mama.

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  • DH,

    I like it when you spoil me with books! You got me a special ed law book, advocacy book and an autism novel book! I was fine with used but you got me new books!

    Thank you for staying at home even though you really want to work. You staying at home makes it possible for DS to receive ABA therapy!

    Stay supportive,
    your DW
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