Who's done it?  How long did you wait in between pregnancies?  Did you have to use a midwife?

My OB said their practice doesn't allow VBA2C, but I'd really love to experience a natural birth (if I don't end up with Pre-E for the 3rd time!).. just trying to plan ahead ;)
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    The plan is to VBA2C in about a month -- crossing fingers I go into labor!! ;) 

    My nearest hospital doesn't allow for a VBA2C (only VBAC).  I have to drive an hour and 20 minutes to their sister hospital that does allow for it.  I'm currently under the care of 2 OBs because of this.  I'm planning on a med-free hospital VBA2C.  

    My youngest is nearly 25 months old.  So, we waited about 18 months after giving birth before getting pregnant again.  
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    I'll be trying for a vba2c sometime this month. I signed my consent this week. I'm not sure what the hospital's policies are as my doctor is the one who's told me what is allowed. There seems to be no real restrictions except they'd rather I didn't go too far over my due date. There will be almost exactly 7 years between my last csection and this baby but that wasn't by choice. We tried for three years for this one.
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    I am going to attempt a VBAC2C, but not until April. I would love updates from you  ladies on how it goes! Best wishes for a successful VBAC...you can do it!!!
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    I'm not due until June 2014. I'm also hoping for a VBA2C. 
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    I'm going for vba2c (VBAC in between CS) with twins!! 5-8. Weeks. From now.
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    I am trying for a VBA2C and due end of March/early April. The doctor I'm using is incredibly laid back about it and I feel so lucky to have him. I don't know how many others around here would take me on. My others will be around 4.3 and 2.3 years when this one comes along. He didn't seem to care about the time between pregnancies. When I was trying for my VBAC, I got a lecture of the risks at every single appt (guess how many risk lectures I got when I scheduled my RCS? That's right, none) and my new doctor hasn't given me any danger/placenta abruption/fetal death lectures at all!
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