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Two Diaper Genies

My LOs will be 18.5 months apart and I doubt (but could be wrong) that DS will be potty trained by the time his sister arrives. Did you buy two diaper genies or did you just put all the diapers in one, centrally located one? Thanks!

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  • Mine are 14 months apart and I bought a second one, even though their rooms are separated by jack and jill bathroom.  I find it easier to have one right next to the changing table in each of their rooms.
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  • Mine are 18 months apart, their bedrooms are right next to each other so I put the diaper genie in the hallway outside their doors. We do have a 2nd one downstairs along with a changing pad so I didn't have to run up and down all day.
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  • We bought a 2nd. Our boys are 22 mos apart.

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