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probiotics for postpartum

hello beautiful mamas!

any brands or types of probiotics u recommend for postpartum? 

Re: probiotics for postpartum

  • I use RAW Women's for me, no complaints here.
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  • We eat fermented food regularly and brew kombucha.  That works for us.
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  • I second the fermented foods and drinks, particularly homemade milk kefir. But if I had to suggest a brand it would be Bio-Kult.
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  • I love Dr. Mercola's probiotics. You can find it on Amazon. It says to take 2, but I can see results just taking 1 a day, so it lasts longer.
  • I drink kombucha and water kefir.
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  • Yes! PRO-Moms by Hyperbiotics. It is the only brand I have found that is made specifically for pregnant and nursing women. Very reputable company, they only make probiotics. My 3.5 year old and 8 year old take take their Kids formula too.

  • I love the Dr. Mercola's probiotics also.
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