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Dd is starting at a new daycare next week due to issues with our nanny. Her and I are going together tomorrow to spend some time there together.
She will only be there 4 hours a day until April. In April she starts preschool in the ASD class and will only need 4 hours a week of daycare because preschool is only 4 days.
How much info should I pass on in regards to her ASD and what we are hoping they work with her on? Like is it too much to ask them to ask her to point when she wants something, or to use her "more" or "cup" signs appropriately. The last big thing would be to make sure if they use her name to get her attention to make sure they get eye contact.
Is this too much to ask of a center? We will be deciding Thursday which room is best fit for her, but the director thought the toddler room with 2 year olds might be a good fit. Physically she is about there, socially and communication wise she is probably similar to a 1 year old.
She has been in a daycare before and loved it, well mostly the toys and teachers, but we were not happy because they let her just sit in a corner and stim a lot.

Re: daycare

  • Sorry for the rambling, I am mobile bumping while nursing DS
  • I think it is totally reasonable to encourage the center to keep up with things she is learning from EI, like signs and prompting about eye contact. When DS was 2 years old we moved him from an in-home DCP to a center. We had just received his diagnosis and thought the structure of a center would be better for him. The center was small and his teacher really tried to assist him with signs, and was patient when he was "behind" the other kids socially and emotionally. They were amenable to our EI team coming in and instructing them on strategies, and letting them observe. When DS moved into the preschool room at 3 is where things started going a bit south. As you said- it is one thing to have teachers be caring and patient, but as they become older, it can be more difficult to wrangle them into participating if all they want to do is sit in the corner and stim. Our EI team gently let me know that they thought while our center was well-intentioned, DS ran the risk of "falling through the cracks" in the preschool room. At reading time, for example, he'd simply wander away from the group and stim by himself- the teachers would get tired of constantly reminding him to sit down so they just let him. It was at this point that we knew we had to move him into a classroom where the teachers had more expertise, so we moved to a SN daycare/preschool. You never know how it'll turn out at your new center, if the teachers are proactive and persistent it may turn out very nicely for your daughter. Like most things, it depends on the people involved! So, no, I don't think you should feel bad asking them to help her out.


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