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Uh-oh guise

I'm getting the baby itch.  DS has been a little squirmy during bedtime cuddles, not really wanting to lay his shoulder and on my head and snuggle like normal.  Tonight he looked in my eyes and said "Wub you!" (Love you) 

Aaaaaand I lost it.  He's getting so big, he's not a baby anymore!  And I thought, I need to make another one so I can have someone to snuggle with again!  Oh noes...

I was trying to hold off trying until next summer.  Trying to time things as best I can, being a teacher and all.  And I just signed up for fall indoor soccer at the Y.  NOW IS NOT THE TIME FOR THE BABY ITCH!


Re: Uh-oh guise

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    Ugh! The baby itch is the worst! I understand what you mean, I look at DS and he's such a big boy now. But seeing as I'm expecting in December I had wished I had more alone time with DS before bringing another baby home. I look at him and cry that I feel guilty he is now going to have to share me and DH with another baby (even though I know he'll love having a sister).
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  • LOL!
    I have so many days when I have so much love and awe and wonder in my heart from my two boys.
    It's like my heart will burst with all the love if I don't have a third one RIGHT NOW. :)

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  • Haven't been on the bump in a while, but came back to lurk/check up because I am feeling the same way! I am also a teacher trying to "plan" on getting pregnant over the summer.
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