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Clear blue digital positives at 9-10dpo???

So I got my first positive around 9-10dpo with a clear blue digital test. Isn't this early for one of those?? Could I possibly be farther along then?

Re: Clear blue digital positives at 9-10dpo???

  • On average, how long are your cycles? You could be a few days farther along. There is no way to know for sure, unless you chart your cycles. If your OB does a dating ultrasound, you will find out then.

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  • Yeah we are doing one cycles were irregular at first because I am still breastfeeding my daughter. Longest was 36 days but they averaged out to 30
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  • Funny you should say that... I chart on FF and if I went by the day in which the app said I ovulated, I too got my BFP on a CD digi on 10 dpo.  On 10 dpo, I had a FRER that was pretty light with FMU and then the Digital said "Pregnant" a couple hours later (not even with FMU!).  I think I ovulated a couple days before FF said I did, but I guess I will find out more when I have my first appt. later this month!  I must admit, it is pretty exciting to see the PREGNANT pop up! 
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  • Nah, it's definitely possible. I got BFPs on the CB digitals as 10 DPO with DS and 11 DPO with this pregnancy.

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  • It is exciting!!! I was taking ovulation tests and unless the test was off then I was 10dpo
  • I got a BFP on a digital at 10DPO and it was with evening urine as well.
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    BFP # 1 - 12/19/09 EDD 08/27/10 - D&C 1/26/10 @ 9w5d

    BFP # 2 - 06/05/10 EDD 02/17/11, DS1 born on 2/14/11

    BFP # 3 - 04/10/13 EDD 12/21/13 - D&C 05/15/13 @ 8w4d

    BFP # 4 - 07/27/13 EDD 04/08/14 - CP 07/29/13


    BFP # 5 - 09/14/13 EDD 05/28/14, DS2 born on 5/22/14 

  • That's how mine was too^ evening urine lol
  • I got a positive on a CBE digital at 9DPO this time around. I also got a positive with one at 9DPO with my youngest daughter. Both were with nighttime urine too.

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