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Fussiness after bottle

Hi Ladies,

I am new to this board.  My DD is 4 weeks and we started introducing a bottle recently.  I am hoping to have 8 weeks off work, but I may only get 6 so DH and I wanted to make sure she was taking a bottle to make things easier on the sitter. So far, we are just doing one bottle of frozen BM every other day.  DH gives it to her during the day, usually around the time she would be getting one at the sitter's anyway. 

She does great taking the bottle and doesn't seem to have any problems latching on at her next feeding.  The issue I'm having is that on days when she gets the bottle (and we've done 3 of them so far) she is fussy, gassy and miserable for the rest of the day.  We give her about 3 ounces.  The first two feedings were with a Tommee Tippee bottle (which I bought specifically because I thought it would be similar to the breast) but today I tried an Avent bottle.  Same thing.  I'm not sure if she is just reacting to the frozen BM or if the bottle is screwing things up?  I have some Dr. Brown's bottles but I have been holding off because there are so many parts to clean.

The only other thing I can think of that might be an issue is the milk itself.  It's from when my milk first came in and I had so much I had to pump some just so she could latch. I'm wondering if she's having issues because the pumped milk is all foremilk?  Next time we bottle feed I am going to try giving her what I pumped today while she was taking a bottle. I'm just leaving it in the fridge instead of freezing.

Does anyone have any advice or insight on this situation? I want to give her 1 bottle feeding a day by 6 weeks so she's ready for the sitter, but I feel awful making her so miserable!

Re: Fussiness after bottle

  • Are you burping her after the bottle? I know that's a silly question, but some BFing moms forget that part about bottles. The dr browns really aren't too bad to clean especially if there's only 1 bottle :) I've had a lot of families that are very happy with them.

    That's my two cents, not sure ifs it's helpful at all.

  • Yes, we are burping her.  Once halfway through and once at the end of the bottle.  Not a silly question! 

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