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Fetal Hydrops

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Hi, I found out Friday my daughter had fetal hydrops at 21 weeks. Her heart stopped Saturday and I delivered her Sunday. We just found out her hydrops was caused by anemia and may re occur with subsequent pregnancies. Has anyone else experienced this? I am so heart broken.

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    I have not experienced this, but I truly hope that with this information you will be able to find a way to prevent it in the future. 

    I was diagnosed with MTHFR (a clotting disorder) a few weeks ago. Its possible it contributed to my little one's death, and its incredibly hard to not focus on that. Just know that you will be better prepared in the future. I know that is not comforting now. Wish I could give you a hug!
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  • I don't, sorry. Get all the information you can. There may be something they can do next time to make it more safe (like medication maybe?)

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  • I lost my son in January from Hydrops.  We never knew a cause.  Genetic, chromosomes, nothing.  He was found at 11 weeks to have a cystic hygroma at the nuchal fold.  At 15 weeks he was found to have bilateral pleural effusions that would prevent him from ever growing lungs larger than what he had right then.  He passed and I was induced at 20 weeks.  There is nothing we could have done or can do to prevent this from happening again.  After 9 months TTC to conceive we just found out we are preg again and I am petrified.   I was high risk after my first preg due to hypotension and syncope then eclampsia at 41 weeks with an emergency C-section due to my small pelvis.  I am now considered advanced maternal age with this pregnancy.  My husband says this is our last pregnancy.  I am silently praying for a boring pregnancy. 

    Anyway knowing and not knowing the cause doesn't change a whole lot with hydrops.  Unless it is in conjunction with your Rh factor, that is treatable. I do remember reading that blood related (ie anemia) is more likely to happen again than other causes with Hydrops.  My husband and I both work in the medical field and have done more research than is healthy on this topic. It's honestly the luck of the draw in our case. 

  • I am so sorry for your loss. We lost our daughter last fall to a very rare trisomy and she had hydrops as well. Sending you big hugs. We did go to a genetic counselor and got karotyping done.
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