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Help me choose a pre-school!

Ok DS is only 1.5 but I’m a planner by nature and some pre-schools have long wait-lists so I’m trying to decide now.  DS currently goes to DC 3 days a week and my parents watch him the other 2 days.  DC is very expensive so I’d like to switch him to pre-school for the morning session as soon as possible.  <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

School 1 - the website says it’s “true Montessori” programming, comes very highly recommended by our neighbour who has their little girl in there.  However, I’ve emailed the director 3 times to ask for a tour; and other than the first time, I’ve never gotten a response.  So I’m a little leery.  They start taking kids at 2.5 years old, which is a big bonus.  They have a wonderful outdoor space.

School 2 - I went to their open house and was very impressed, they use a combination of Montessori and their own proprietary programming.  I liked the teachers.  Good outdoor space.  Starts taking kids at 3 years old. 

School 3 - brand new, just opened this month but is already full.  Also follows Montessori programming.  The teachers seem very qualified, but less “warm” than the ones I met in school 2.  No dedicated outdoor space, although a park is nearby.  The school is beautiful.  They also share a space with a karate studio so that’d be convenient for DS.  Starts taking kids at 3.

What other factors would you consider?

Re: Help me choose a pre-school!

  • The rates at all 3 places are comparable.  I just wonder if I should trust recommendations from parents or go by what I like on my tours.
  • personally I would not want a school w/out an outside area unless they assure you they go to the park everyday
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  • personally I would not want a school w/out an outside area unless they assure you they go to the park everyday

    even if they walk to a park I'd never pick it. I would not want my child to leave school to go somewhere to play.

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  • The main advice I have is not to dismiss the first one just because they don't respond to your emails. Some people are just not comfortable using email (I know, it's hard to believe in this day and age, but it's true!), but that doesn't mean they aren't great at their job and won't take wonderful care of your child. My daughters' preschool admin isn't that technically savvy either, but that is low on my list of priorities. I ultimately chose the place because of the warm, inviting feeling I got when I visited. I feel like the culture has a huge effect on the learning environment, so that was really important to me.

    Good luck!

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  • #3 would be out for me. I would really try to get a tour of #1 before deciding. September is super busy for schools, which might be the reason for a delayed response.

    I had my kiddo on several waitlists, and decided before school started. Teachers and directors may change. One may have availability sooner. Etc
  • DD goes to daycare in downtown Boston. They have a small outdoor space but they also go on walks to a bigger park, about 10min away on foot. I'm surprised that for so many people it would be a dealbreaker to leave the premises. The kids get to see other people going about their everyday lives, even street performers on occasion, and it's wonderfully stimulating! And it definitely helps me as a mom that DD gets to practice street safety as part of her normal day. I think getting to leave the school bubble is a positive thing.
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