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Genetic testing for LOs

I was wondering whether anyone has done genetic testing to see whether their children are predisposed to certain diseases that seem to run in your family, such as certain cancers or diabetes.

DH has type 1 diabetes. He wants to get genetic testing for DS for diabetes because there are markers that can predict the disease, which would allow us to stay ahead of it to plan ahead and make lifestyle changes that would potentially minimize issues. I guess this makes sense and I understand that this is something very important to DH.  It is likely that DH was undiagnosed for diabetes for several years and has some organ damage due to this. However, I'm hesitant for no real reason other than that I don't want to treat DS as though he is sick or has a disease while he is perfectly fine. I feel like there may be other implications to this that I'm not thinking about also.

We're going to have a long talk about it and I'm going to do some research on my own into genetic testing. I was just wondering whether anyone had any feedback or things that I should think about while I look into it. Would you get genetic testing for yourself or LO, if you knew of diseases that were in your family?
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Re: Genetic testing for LOs

  • I would do it especially if there was a known risk and there were preventative measures that could be taken to lessen the risks/impact of the disease.

    D & L are here at 34 weeks 4 days by vaginal and breech delivery on 11/19/2013
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  • If they are simple blood draws I don't see any harm that testing early can do. It's never a bad idea to prevent/discover problems. I don't see it as treating LO like they are sick just verifying that they are not.
  • I did 23andme, found it to be very interesting and worth the money

    Thinking of getting folks in family the kit for xmas.

  • No. I understand why some choose/would choose to do testing but I'm the type of person who would be worst case scenarioing myself and my child. If we had family histories of diabetes, cancer, etc we would be hyper vigilant about screening but not so far as to test on a chromosomal level, at least not initially. I don't fault people who do though. It's a personal choice.



  • My 23andme results say that I am sensitive to blood thinners, I think this is important to know at any age.

    Also let me know that I have an increased risk of getting false-positive screenings for Tay Sachs.  

    If you had a chromosomal predistribution for breast cancer, and you knew it, you would be able to do screenings sooner than later.

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    There are specific genetics testing for things like breast cancer which have a genetic link. I would be that helicopter mom who would focus more on what "could" happen, almost to the point of letting it conflict with enjoying my children. Again, personal choice.

    ETA: certain ethnicities have issues with blood thinners, it's been scientifically proven, without mass chromosomal testing. Just sayin...



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