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Candy as...comfort object?

No one responded to my shyness post but I have another question now about my 4.5 year old DD. She's back to normal in school, which is good. But anyway, last winter, she developed a strange attraction to candy. It started with a candy cane from the Christmas tree farm. She never wanted to eat it, and she liked to sleep with it. We STILL HAVE IT. It's a taped-together mess, but we still have it. That spun off into her wanting to have other candies in her bed--special pretty taffies, pink lollipops, and that kind of thing. She told me once that they "protect her." She also clips candies onto some of her toys with hair clips or hair bands. So, we still deal with this odd candy thing but are mostly just rolling along with it. Now, last night, when we had company, she put a roll of Smarties onto her own wrist with a hair band! This am she came out with them on again. We told her to be super careful b/c she can't leave the hairband on long and also warned the nanny about it. 

Just wondering if other kids do things like this???? Again, does she have a lot of anxiety she's trying to manage or something? Or does she just think candy is cool??? 

She's very bright, imaginative, and sensitive. Relates fine to people and doesn't have any "issues" except perhaps this anxiety thing, if that's what it is.
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Re: Candy as...comfort object?

  • It does sound like candy is her 'lovey' which is used for security and anxiety relief. If you're concerned talk to her pedi.  In the meantime, you can always limit to only one piece of candy to sleep with at bedtime only.
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  • Is candy a special treat in your home, so she thinks it's really special? Maybe find some of those wooden play sets with candy or even the Christmas decoration fake candy? I don't think I'd want my kid having real candy in her room or bed.
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  • I would work on a new lovey. The candy could attract bugs. Maybe a trip to build a bear?

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  • Yeah, I know candy in bed is not ideal. She also has a million other things in bed with her but she NEEDS the candy or she freaks. We are trying to keep it all in a baggie. Anyway, no, we never made candy either overly accessible or overly forbidden. I let them have some here and there, no huge deal. Not sure why she fixated on candy as a sort of talisman.
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