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Pregnancy Check-In

Good Monday morning, everyone.

How far along?  Updates, questions, or anything else to share?
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Re: Pregnancy Check-In

  • 32w4d... If I didn't conceive through IUI I would swear I was further along! ;)  Kinda amazed that this boy has 7+ more weeks of growing to do.  All is well - just having lots of back pain, especially when walking.  I did have to break down and buy some flats to wear to work - I had been doing quite fine in my 3.5 inch wedges I normally wear, but that changed last week.  Appointment tomorrow.  Not sure if I'll start going every 2 weeks from now on, or if I'll go at 36 weeks then every 2 weeks.

    In other news, we have a baby shower at my work place this week.  Z will be able to come, which will be nice.  My former boss (now retired) is also coming - yay!

    Also, although I've waffled between hospital and birthing center birth, I've settled on the birthing center as long as everything continues to look as good as it does now.  Figured that although I don't love all the midwives at my practice, giving birth at the birthing center with the support of my wife and my doula will provide the experience I most want to have.

    Hope everyone is doing well!  

    @KH826 - WELCOME!!!!
    @mwagner25 - Glad you are finally down to 8-hour shifts!  Although that still is a long time to be on your feet, much better than 12!
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  • Good Morning. I am 32 weeks going on 33 this week also. I am feeling good. We had our growth scan last week and Oliver is measuring in at almost 5 lbs, I know those numbers aren't always accurate, but he is a bit on the big side. His head is measuring at 95% (yikes!) and his femur/body are at about 63%. With those numbers my OB is okay with him coming anytime after 36 weeks.  My OB was also giving me a labor pep talk since his head size kinda freaked me out.  At least he is head down and hopefully he stays that way.  At this point we are just trying to get everything together in case he comes early (although with my luck I will have a 9 lbs baby at 41 weeks) ;) We are finishing up decorating the nursery and getting car seat installed this week. I will share some nursery photos Thursday. We also have maternity photos this week. All kinds of fun stuff. I hope everyone is well. 
    @ATXmommas I am surprised you haven't broken down and changed over to flats before now.  
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  • @mwagner25 - I feel like I'm going to have a 9-pounder too. Not because of anything my doctors/midwives have said, but I was 8lb15oz myself and big babies run in the family. Trying not to focus on it - my mom is my size and birthed my brother, who was 9lb14oz. I won't have a growth scan (they don't do u/s after 20 weeks), so I'm just assuming he's going to be big. If he's smaller than expected, it will just be a pleasant surprise. :) I'm just more worried about the achiness of carrying around a big baby. I'm already uncomfortable. Blah.

    @KH826 - great news about the beta! You will have a good chance of hearing heartbeat by then! Still so happy for you. :)

    @herbabymama - you look very similar to me based on the pic you posted last Thursday. Some people just grow a lot bigger/faster. I was up 15lbs at my last appt, which was a month ago. I'm expecting to be up another 4lbs when I'm weighed tomorrow. And I'm convinced baby is big! Here's a pic of belly taken on Sat night for comparison - image
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  • Hello everyone!

    Currently 5w5d and nauseous as all get out. Ugh. Anyone have nausea tips? Right now I'm nursing flat ginger ale and eating saltines with moderate success. In happier news- I have my first ultrasound next monday, October 7th at my RE's office which is exciting!

    Yay @KH826! I'm so happy for you! And it's pretty cool that we're not that far apart from each other!!
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    @pinkspark - I don't have any great tips, unfortunately.  I nursed saltines and ginger ale during first tri too.  Other than that, I would just say to eat what you can get down.  We all dream of eating completely healthy and clean during pregnancy, but sometimes you just need to eat whatever you can stand.  Looking forward to ultrasound update!

    ETA: I've heard acupuncture can help with nausea.  I didn't try it, so can't attest to it, but perhaps something to look into?
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  • Yay Finally internet at our  new house :-)

    @KH826 - great to have you here :-) 
    @ATXmommas - I can't believe you lasted this long in wedges!!! Impressive :-)
    @pinkspark - The seaband (acupressure band) helped me. I've also been taking vitamin B6. But really very little makes it go away completely. I hope you feel better soon. :)

    Felt very pregnant today. Have a total bloat belly and today just felt so exhausted. We took Kaden to the park and for the second 1/2 hour I had to sit in the shade and nurse my water while EV chased him around. That little guy can just run and run.  I was too tired to move.  We ordered take home and bake pizza because I couldn't conceive of making the Thai food originally on the menu.
    Up late (9pm) watching a class and doing homework. Hoping to get to bed by 10.  Sigh... M/S comes and goes but I am hoping in the coming weeks it will tamper off completely.  Unfortunately its been replaced with the start of heartburn. 
    @herbabymama I just remembered I took aloe juice (all natural kind from Whole Foods) the last time I was pregnant and it really helped.

    So excited scheduled my first ob/gyn appointment for October 9th.  I am hoping I get to see the baby at that time.  EV and I talked and I admitted I don't feel like I'm somehow "not pregnant"  but I'll still feel so much better once I have an u/s and just know everything is okay. :-)

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