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breastfeeding/pumping questions.

 My son eats for 10-20 minutes at each feeding from one boob and then I switch at the next feeding. I try to pump each breast at least once a day. My son is 16 days old. What routine do you use for pumping? How many ounces do you get after baby eats? How many minutes does your baby eat at the breast? Thanks in advance for your input.

Re: breastfeeding/pumping questions.

  • I am doing similar tactics for nursing. My girl won't eat much longer then 15 min so I just switch sides every other feed. I only pump to relieve pressure. I take off anywhere from 1 to 2 oz depending on fullness (my breasts are crazy milk producers). Plus baby gets a better latch if my boobs aren't hard as a rock. Typically I fill a 5 oz bag by my middle of the night feeding. I don't want to pump too much or else my body will keep producing too much. I hate this part of post partum.
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    I pump in the morning after DD eats. I typically can get about 4-5 oz. She usually BF for roughly 15 minutes on average. She's 7.5 weeks
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  • LO usually eats from both sides during the day but during his middle of the night feeding and his first feeding of the day he falls asleep after feeding on just one side for about 15-20 minutes.  So I then take 10 minutes to pump both sides.  I usually get a combined 2-4 ounces.  Not much but I'm home for another 4 weeks and am just trying to slowly build up my stash.  When I pump and DH has bottle fed him in the evening (only occasionally) he only ate about 3 ounces.  He's 5 1/2 weeks old.  I feed on demand, which ends up meaning he feeds about every 2 hours except when he cluster feeds just before bedtime, and overnight when he goes about 4 hours between feeds.
  • I pump three times a day, morning afternoon and evening and get anywhere from 4-6 ounces each side. When he nurses he eats for 10-15 minutes each side.

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  • 8d pop and I'm getting about 4-5oz each time I pump. Unfortunately dd won't latch so I've been doing a lot of pumping.
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  • @lizabethann06 that;s great to hear! I actually got her to latch tonight using a shield. I don't know what I did differently, but she took both breasts for about 15mins each. Progress!! I've had her latch once or twice before, but then couldn't really repeat it, so hopefully this time she's turning the corner.
    One DD born 9/23/13.
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