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IVF cost?

So we aren't anywhere close to IVF yet, but we are starting to have these discussions. We've decided we probably need to start putting some money back in case it comes to this. I've googled it and I'm aware prices vary greatly depending on location, doctor, etc. But I was just curious if you have done IVF or are going to be doing it if you wouldn't mind sharing what the cost was. If you are comfortable doing so it would also be helpful to know what part of the country you are in. TIA!!
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Re: IVF cost?

  • I am in SW Florida. If we end up doing IVF it will cost about $14k plus meds.
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  • We're in south Texas and the cost is going to be around $12K for us.

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  • I am in Southwest Michigan, and it cost us about $18,500 (including meds, and I was on A LOT!!)

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  • We are incredibly lucky to have insurance coverage, but have a lifetime max we can use so I still asked RE for the costs to keep track. In the Boston area it is $12k plus meds, so probably about $17k all-in.


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  • IVF cost us $3500 including meds. Insurance covered 85% of the costs. I have a lifetime max of infertility coverage.
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